HJWC Mission

Hinsdale Junior Woman's Club Mission Statements
Hinsdale Junior Woman’s Club is a community service organization that strives to enrich our community, the lives of our members and their families. HJWC’s mission is to offer members a network of resources and opportunities; and serve as a leader of volunteer and philanthropic service.

Hinsdale Junior Woman’s Club Charitable Foundation seeks to identify, support and financially contribute to charities and organizations in need.

Hinsdale Junior Woman's Club Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Hinsdale Junior Woman’s Club Charitable Foundation Inc. is the fundraising arm of the Hinsdale Junior Woman’s Club. The HJWC Charitable Foundation Inc. has been designated a 501C-3 organization by the IRS, which means that it is officially not-for-profit. All donations of money, goods and services to the Foundation are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.