Manages the all-Club fundraising event to raise money for the Club’s primary philanthropy. This is typically a Saturday evening event in late winter/early spring. Committee members will put together the event under the direction of the benefit chairpersons.

Community Affairs

Connect the club membership with key community events and supports local community activities, with a special focus on safety-related causes. This committee hosts an appreciation event for local police officers/firefighters, coordinate members to walk in the local parades and provide information on all local events in the surrounding towns that would be of interest to members.

Education of the Arts

This committee organizes activities for funding a college scholarship that is awarded to a female teen from a local high school who has shown great accomplishments in community service. Also organize educational forums, speaker series around parenting, local board of education information, global issues, and connect membership to activities where we can appreciate fine arts.

Family Affairs

Is responsible for projects and activities for the children of our members. A great way to connect moms and kids across the club with monthly play dates, Halloween party and annual Easter egg hunt.


Coordinate information to Club members on relevant health issues, including medicine/illnesses, nutrition and exercise. Connect local health and wellness activities with club membership.


Committee comprised of middle and high school girls passionate about philanthropy and community service. Committee members play the role of mentors and organize 2 service projects for the girls along with 2 speaker events.


Raises funds and awareness through various club-wide social events to promote and support local charities beyond our current philanthropy.


Committee is responsible for Gift of the Season where we support local charities that provide holiday gifts to local families in need. Includes a day where families come in and “shop” for their children.


Organize 2-3 fun, social events for club members which may also include spouses and significant others!