President's Letter – 

Welcome to the 2016-17 Hinsdale Junior Woman’s Club.

It is great to have so many returning members, as well to have new faces join us. Whether you are new or returning to the Hinsdale Junior Woman’s Club, I want you to know that I appreciate your enthusiasm and dedication to the club. We will all work closely together over the next club year. I welcome your ideas, look forward to making a difference in the lives of all the families we work closely with, and most of all, wish that everyone has fun!

In April of 2016, HJWC voted to partner with Hinsdale Community Services (HCS) for the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 club years. This is a natural fit for the club, as we have partnered with HCS for over 25 years for Gift of the Season, and even better that they are located in our backyard. This partnership will allow us to assist in making a better future for the families in the HSC program. As we volunteer our time, we will make connections with our philanthropy’s members as well as other HJWC members. It is my hope to continue to strengthen these bonds over the upcoming year. HJWC is a wonderful social club where you can make lifelong friendships. Volunteering your time truly has many rewards!

As members of HJWC, you will take on new responsibilities: You will educate the community on our club's causes and many philanthropic activities. YOUR inventive and fresh ideas will contribute to the club’s growth. As leaders in the community and the club, you will all contribute to the success of HJWC.

Your hard work and participation in club events, service projects, and our annual Benefit will help raise funds for HCS as well as other charities located in our community, and abroad. You will directly impact the future of so many well deserving families. I hope you have fun while working for such great causes.

In closing, I am honored to be in this position. My hope is to inspire you; inspire you to get involved; and inspire more women to become part of this wonderful organization.

Megan Hickman, 2016-2017 HJWC President