Fun, friends and painting

Many thanks to Maureen Claffy for a great night of fun, friends, and painting!  Our Fine Arts Committee is asking us to stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zones this year and we had a great time creating paintings that reflect our visions for 2020.  As we painted, we thought about where we want to be in our home life and in our careers. Yes, being at home absolutely counts!

How do we want to think about our relationships with our bodies?  Or what about our relationships with money?  Where we find joy and how does love tie us together?  Now, what does that look like in an abstract way?  When was the last time you just played with making art with no restrictions?  Well, that’s what we did last night!  Horace said that art should both teach and delight.  Last night perfectly embodied that.

And mark your calendars for Sunday, November 17, as the Fine Arts Committee asks you to stretch again to visit Firebrand Theatre, a mid-size Chicago theatre committed to representing women in productions — both on stage and behind the scenes.  Firebrand was nominated for seven Jeff Awards this year, winning three on Monday night.  We’ll head to their production of “Always ... Patsy Cline” the two-woman biopic show of the Country singer.

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