Get to Know Our Members & Join Us at Our Upcoming Bring-a-Friend Night!

Next Tuesday (March 10th) is our annual “Bring a Friend Night” general meeting! Over the coming days we want to acquaint our followers with some of our members and the different committees that we have in the club. Today we are featuring a Q&A with two members of our executive board who are critical to how we operate – the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer! Those positions are held this year by Stacy Campbell (Treasurer) and Jori Horn (Assistant Treasurer).

How long have you been in the club and what have you been involved in since joining?

Stacey: This is my 5th year. I previously was on the family affairs and outreach committees and co-chaired new member.

Jori: This is my third year in the club. I went from a new member, to Family Affairs co-chair, to an executive board position as assistant treasurer!

What’s favorite part of the club?

Stacey: My favorite part of the club is the amazing women that are in it.

What do you do in your spare time?

Stacey: I spend most of my time taking care of my three girls! When I do get a break, I love to travel, read and am starting to play Tennis.

Jori: Do I have spare time? 😊 Have wonderful times out with my ladies, baking, shopping, reading and spend time with my babies.

Where do you live and what is your favorite thing about the Western suburbs?

Jori: I have lived in Westmont for 7 years! And my favorite thing about the western burbs is eat access to everything- city, shopping, restaurants, airports.

Stacey: I Have lived in Hinsdale for almost 6 years! I moved her because it was safe, close to the city and had great schools! I love the strong sense of community and all the fun events that Hinsdale offers. Uniquely Thursdays and the 4th of July Parade have become traditions for my family and my girls love them!

If your or someone you know would be interested in joining us next week or have questions about members for 2020-2021 (applications go live in April!), please reach out to Katie Storino at

Stacey Campbell (L) and Jori Horn (R)
Stacey Campbell (L) and Jori Horn (R)

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