HJWC Awards Grant to Hinsdale Hospital to Help Battle COVID-19 Locally

Hinsdale Junior Woman's Club ("HJWC") is comprised of generous, dedicated, diligent women always asking, "How can we help?", and in unprecedented times like these, that question is coming up even more frequently. Recently, Hinsdale Hospital reached out for HJWC’s help in relation to COVID-19 needs. They shared with us a wish list of various medical items they desperately need during these extraordinary times battling COVID-19 in our backyard. HJWC’s leadership wanted to find a meaningful way, in line with our mission and bylaws, to support our local medical professionals and the patients who are fighting this virus around the clock day in and day out.

HJWC is proud to announce that it has donated a grant of $19,210.00 to purchase three (3) Handheld Echo Cardiology Machines and one (1) Portable Patient Monitors. To fund this grant, HJWC used funds from a 2019 HJWC grant recipient that returned its grant money to HJWC because the project for which it was awarded a grant was unable to proceed. The Philanthropy Committee, along with the Executive Board, came to a resolution to reallocate those funds to answer Hinsdale Hospital's plea to help purchase much-needed medical equipment for Hinsdale Hospital. HJWC feels fortunate that during these unprecedented times, it is able to help its community, hospital, and health care professionals and employees working in such an uncertain and difficult time. If you'd like to help Hinsdale Hospital further, please reach out to us, and we’ll provide information on donation or service opportunities.

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