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Updated: Sep 4, 2019

This year’s Social Committee, Courtney Casey, Liz Yarger and Joanna Terpstra are looking forward to bringing back all the Club’s favorite events from last year: Polo, Holiday Party and It’s A Wrap. Last year’s committee did a wonderful job and they hope to add to that momentum by infusing some new surprises as well! They have an incredible year in store for the Club and look forward to meeting our new members! First event up, Polo, which has been rescheduled to September 22nd!

How long have you been in the club?

Courtney: 1 year ;)

Liz: This will be my second year!

Joanna: This will be my second year.

What is your favorite thing about the club?

Courtney: The many friendships it has helped me form! When we first moved to town last year, I didn't really know anyone but quickly met these incredible ladies and I feel so grateful to have them in my life. The women in this club are smart, philanthropic, fun, supportive, kind, successful and so much more...

Liz: The friends you make. I’ve met the sweetest and most supportive friends in this group - I was worried when I moved to Hinsdale that I wouldn’t find girlfriends you can really be yourself with and I found a group of girls I talk to everyday in the ups and downs.

Joanna: The friendships you make from it - hands down! I have met such sweet, fun, kind, supportive friends that I may not have met otherwise. I'm so thankful for them and couldn't imagine my life without them now!

What do you do in your spare time?

Courtney: Family time and wine nights with my girlfriends! I also just launched my own interior design business so that's a big part of my life these days and something I'm incredibly passionate about.

Liz: I really love to cook - I plan out my menu for the week every Sunday and so I look at recipes online a lot. I also love Thursday wine nights with my girls!

Joanna: Traveling has always been a huge passion of mine! I'm always looking forward to my next family getaway or girl's' trip!!

What is your favorite thing about the Western suburbs?

Courtney: I love the charm and sense community while also enjoying the proximity to the city. We really do have the best of both worlds!

Liz: I love how cute our town is - how often you run into someone you know in town here. It’s the best.

Joanna: I love the mix of nature with urban life. It is also such an ideal place to raise a family. I've always wanted my children to grow up in a place that makes them feel happy and safe.

L to R: Joanna Terpstra, Liz Yarger and Courtney Casey

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