Membership Monday: Celebrating Our Old and New Members

This week’s membership profile is featuring our hardworking 2nd Vice President/Membership and our new member committee co-chairs. They work tirelessly all year long to support our club and make sure that new members can get engrained in the club quickly!

Below is a summary of our Q&A with Katie Storino, 2nd Vice President/Membership, Bridget Nagel and Aline McGivern Co-Chairs of the New Member Committee.

1. How long have you been in the club?

Katie: Joined in 2015, initiated in 2016.

Bridget: I’ve been in the club 2 years. My first year I was on the Legacy Committee, my second year I co-chaired the Education Committee, working with my team to raise nearly $10,000 for 3 scholarships, and I’m now entering my third year, as the New Member Committee co-chair! I’m super excited to help all of our new members have the best first year possible.

Aline: I’ve been in the club for 4 years now. This is my second year as a committee co-chair.

2. What is your favorite thing about the club?

Katie: All the amazing women are my favorite part.

Bridget: My favorite thing about the club is the great variety of women we have. We have married/unmarried, with kids/without, stay-at-home-moms and doctors/lawyers. Everyone is so warm and welcoming; It’s so easy to find new friends.

Aline: My favorite thing about the club are all of the friendships that I have made over these last 4 years.

3. What do you do in your spare time?

Katie: I shuttle my 3 kids around mostly but try to play tennis and spend time with my family & friends.

Bridget: In my spare time, I love traveling with my husband, practicing photography, and making photo books of our trips. I also am a pretty good cookie decorator.

Aline: In my spare time I love to go to concerts and comedy shows. I also have a great love of travel, always willing to dream up our next adventure.

Left to Right: Katie Storino, Bridget Nagel, Aline McGivern

4. What is your favorite thing about the Western suburbs?

Katie: I love how close to the city we are. The amazing families we’ve met. And the support we receive here.

Bridget: My favorite things about the western suburbs are the safe neighborhoods, sense of community, and nearness to family. It’s what we moved here for!

Aline: We originally chose the western suburbs because they were centrally located between my family in the south suburbs, my husband’s family in the next town over, and it was close to the train to get downtown easily. But now, I love them because I really do feel as though I’m a part of the community and feel truly safe in my neighborhood.

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