HJWC 2019-2020 President



Welcome to the 2019-2020 HJWC Board of Directors! Whether you are new or returning to the board of the Hinsdale Junior Woman’s Club, I want to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation—for it is your volunteerism, enthusiasm and dedication to the club that makes all of the wonderful things HJWC does possible. We will all work closely with one another over the next club year, and I look forward to making a difference in the lives of the women, children, and families we serve together.


This year marks our club’s 70th year!  And an amazing 70 years it has been.  Back in 1949, HJWC raised $800 from a Spring Fashion Show and Tea to purchase an obstetrical table for Hinsdale Hospital.  Last year was the inaugural year under the new philanthropic grant-based model, and we raised close to $300,000 and fulfilled 18 grants, gave 3 scholarships to philanthropy-minded high school seniors, and completed 650 service hours with 18 different charities.  How far we have come!


This year, we get to celebrate the wonderful legacy of this club together—by continuing to build on the vision and mission of HJWC, not only enriching the lives of those we serve, but also the lives of our members and families.  We also get to celebrate our bright future by coming together as women and leaders in order to expand our philanthropic reach, making lasting positive change.  I look forward to starting off the next 70 years of HJWC continuing to build and foster relationships with each other and with charities throughout our community in service and grant giving. 


As we volunteer our time, we make connections with our philanthropies as wells as other HJWC members. It is my hope to strengthen these connections over the upcoming year, and we all will be rewarded with lifelong friendships and a lasting impression on our community. Your hard work and participation in club events, service projects, and our annual Benefit will help raise funds for giving to charities and furthering great causes.  You will be directly impacting the future of so many well deserving families, and will no doubt have a lot of fun along the way. Volunteering your time truly has many rewards! 


In closing, I am honored to serve as President of this amazing organization for the 2019-2020 club year. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to continue the mission of this club, which is an important part of my life, and an even more important part of the community.  My hope is to create a happy and welcoming environment for all of our members, so that you all may feel motivated, inspired, and fulfilled by your membership.


Cheers to 70 years!!


Jennifer Ashley

2019-2020 HJWC President

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
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