HCS Family Services (HCS) began in 1926 and was incorporated in 1937 as a not-for- profit charitable association. For over seventy five years, HCS has been serving residents of Southeastern Du Page County. From its inception, HCS provided a lifeline to our neighbors in need with the goal of preventing homelessness. The lifeline included many types of services directed to keeping our clients in their home.

We discovered from the very beginning that the majority of our neighbors in need aren’t looking for a handout, but are looking for a short term solution for their problem. There is no easy solution for many of our neighbors in need. They need jobs, a livable wage, affordable housing, public transportation, access to healthcare and an opportunity to try to do better.  As a way of addressing these needs, recently HCS began its Elites program, a program aimed at educating each person in life skills.

HCS Family Services Mission is to:

Strengthening our communities by offering opportunities for individuals and families to achieve self-sufficiency by providing leadership, support services and access to local resources.