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Associate Liaison:

1 - 2 Chairs, No Committee

Associate Liaison are responsible for informing all Associate Members of Club activities and keeping these members engaged in the Club by planning an annual service project and occasional social events.


1-3 Managing Chairs
1-2 Auction Chairs
1-2 Underwriting Chairs
1 PR Chair

The Benefit Committee is responsible for the planning of HJWC’s annual fundraising event to fund grants for local nonprofit organizations. The committee focuses on: event planning, fundraising, event underwriting, auction curation, and event promotion.

Community Affairs:

2 - 3 Committee Chairs

The Community Affairs committee is the liaison between our local community and the Club. This committee volunteers at the Hinsdale Fire/Police Open House, plans activities such as a park clean-up day, and member meet-ups at local community events.


2 Committee Chairs

The Education Committee hosts an annual event that raises funds for HJWC’s annual college scholarship awarded to local young women in the community that demonstrate excellence in service and philanthropy. This committee also facilitates the application and awarding of these scholarships.

Family Affairs:

2 - 3 Committee Chairs

The Family Affairs Committee plans events for HJWC Members and their families. The committee typically plans one fall and one spring family event, as well as park play dates throughout the summer.

Fine Arts:

2  Committee Chairs

The Fine Arts Committee organizes events throughout the Club year that support and raise awareness of  arts— from tours of art galleries and expos, to shows, and dinner downtown.

Graphic Design:

1  Chair, No Committee 

The Graphic designer will assist the Secretary and Technology chair with asset creation for the club website and meeting slides. She will also assist the Benefit Chairs in the creation and ordering of all Benefit event assets.


2 Committee Chairs

The Health Committee is responsible for creating health related events and content for the Club. This committee often partners with other committees to help support events. For the 2023-2024 Club year, Health will partner with the Benefit Committee and will manage the 5k community run.


1-2 Committee Chairs

The Juniorettes Committee oversees HJWC’s Juniorettes program, where local high school girls join and participate in various events in conjunction with the Club, from service activities to career days.

New Member:

2-3 Committee Chairs

New Members do not participate on this committee

The New Member Committee is responsible for providing an engaging program and support system to welcome New Members into the Club. The committee plans various events throughout the year, such as New Member orientation, couples night and initiation.


2 Committee Chairs

The Outreach Committee hosts Gifts of the Season, HJWC’s flagship holiday philanthropy event, to provide Christmas gifts to local families in need. This committee also organizes drives throughout the year collecting donations for local charities.


6-7 Committee Chairs

Chairing is a 2 year commitment; option for 1 chair to have a 1 year commitment 

Committee members must be in HJWC for 1 year and 5 committee members can be incoming new members.


The Philanthropy Committee manages the entire grant process from application to awarding recipients. This is the process by which HJWC distributes its funds raised each year. This committee is also responsible for setting up our service projects for the year.


1-2 Chairs, No Committee

Program Chairs are responsible for making all arrangements for the location, general needs, and with the help of the Board of Directors, all programs for Club meetings.


2-3 Committee Chairs 

The Social Committee responsible for planning, promoting and executing social events for HJWC members, including Holiday Party, and It’s A Wrap.

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