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About Us

The Hinsdale Junior Woman’s Club is affiliated with the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC) and the Illinois Federation of Woman’s Clubs (IFWC). Hinsdale Junior Woman’s Club is part of the 5th District of the IFWC, which encompasses DuPage County and has 30 clubs, 12 of which are Junior clubs. The GFWC had its beginning in 1890 as several woman’s clubs banded together with the pledge of “unity in diversity”. This pledge enabled these clubs to work together for a common cause: “the cause of united womanhood throughout the world”.

Since 1890, the unification of these clubs has created the largest organization of woman volunteers in the world. Currently, GFWC has over 10 million members in over 50 countries throughout the world. The Illinois Federation of Woman’s Clubs is just one federation in the GFWC. IFWC has over 40,000 members from 672 clubs throughout Illinois.

The “junior” portion of GFWC had its earliest beginnings in 1913, when clubs were formed in California and Pennsylvania. Illinois Juniors began forming clubs in 1926. The Junior Pledge was written in 1916 and adopted by the juniors as their national pledge in 1930. Currently, the Illinois State Junior Organization has over 3,300 members, providing countless volunteer hours throughout the state.

Hinsdale Junior Woman’s Club (HJWC) was founded in 1949, making this our 73rd year. HJWC members are local leaders of volunteer and philanthropic service and have earned tremendous recognition from the GFWC and IFWC throughout the years. In 2006, HJWC was the recipient of numerous awards at the GFWC Convention, and our organization is continuously recognized for outstanding children’s programs, leadership, membership and fundraising for non-profit grants.

Meet our Executive Board

Meet our Board

Marina Fricilone
Katie Storino*

Alyssa Doorhy
Ashley Keely
Amanda Mancini
Jennie Patricoski
Nadia Shamsi
Molly Sikora
Chelsea Urban


Larysa Domino

Stefanie McDonald

Kristin Pauley


Kaisa Katz

Meg Martin


Stephanie Rosenbaum Karstens

Julie Steele

Izabella Wojtowicz


Alicia O'Brien

Stephanie Tuthill


Caitlin Klein

Jiesi Song


Emily Iantosca

Lauren Markham

Paige Stewart


Lauren East

Jennifer Kasmarick

Tamara Oweis


Maria Barnett

Serene Gaynor

Kathleen Himber

Jori Horn*

Julie Langdon*

Rowena Reid

Tina Sunderman


Katie Jones

Lynn Loman

Sena Slavik

*denotes past Officer

** denotes past President

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